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Reverse Circulation Drill PipeSince 1988, Drillers Supply International has actively developed and marketed a variety of reverse circulation technologies used in the mining exploration market. In the early 1990's, we developed the FABER system. The FABER system refers to a unique thread design to overcome some of the challenges which we found in the market at that time.

The advantages of the FABER system include the following:
  • No connector tubes – inner tubes mate up automatically as the pipe is made up
  • Replaceable inner tubes – field replaceable with circlip system
  • Unique Tri layer heat treating provides "super long life"
  • FABER™ thread design – won't cross thread
  • Proven Product quality in the most difficult drilling in the world
  • By utilizing oil field technology, we have been able to produce a pipe that is lighter than our competitors' with a torque strength more than three times the API required limits (Certified Engineering reports are available)

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